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German Irregular Verbs

Dear German learner,

in this app You will find the unique list of irregular and strong verbs that exist in German language.

Learning German

The best way to learn any language to is to practice every day. Our app will help you to learn the German irregular and strong verbs and practice them.

Features that help to memorize the German irregular and strong verbs

  • Just listen to the conjugation and practice examples.
  • Then just practice the verbs in exercises.
  • Use the quizzes to test your knowledge of the verbs.
  • You can practice the verbs until the moment you feel good at it.

Other Features

  • offline learning possible,
  • levels, which will help you to memorize the verbs gradually,
  • sound presentation,
  • auxiliary verb for "Perfekt" tense,
  • declination of each verb,
  • list of the verbs which can be scrolled up and down - easy to find the verb you need to memorize,
  • example sentences, with English translation. Practice use of each verb in three tenses: Präsent, Imperfekt, Perfekt.

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